Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Video and Mural

On Tuesday we sat down at posh computers and had full access to editing software, which meant we could have a go at editing all of our footage we have gathered! We have finished the video for augmented reality tshirts but we will be making a longer video for future reference and enjoyment :) all the video is need is titles and credits and then it will be completed and ready to go!

Also this week a group of young people have been working in Balintore, we have been painting a mural on a wall, which has been bare for a while and we wanted to make it exciting. So we projected images of young people from the area and then spray painted (with permission) the outline of each person. Then we got everyone to hep fill them in. The wall looks fantastic and it's not finished yet but it has brightened up the wall and is a lasting image of the youth from Balintore :)

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