Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Short Film

A part of Digiconn a group of us came together to create a short film as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. We created the film around cyber bullying and the effects of it, the first few planning sessions were talking about how we wanted the film to look and what we were going to do. We then made a storyboard of all the shots that we wanted and the things that were going to appear on the screen. Then over the last few weeks we filmed short clips of the actors appearing in the film and the scenes. The whole film is about one girl that loves to take selfies and then her so called friends start to make fun of her and give her abuse online. Stuart from fling then edited the film together which took a long time and was starting to annoy him as he encountered a few problems on the way but he managed to fix them and finish the film. We then presented the film at the festival event and saw other groups entries, which was really interesting finding about the different groups and what they do. In the next few weeks we will  be having a proper premier of the short film at the Fling Film Festival and having a red carpet and posh food to celebrate our achievements :D  

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Things are still moving forward and we are beginning to start finishing some of the projects such as the interactive game. We have decided on the material and the questions that are going to be at each location. We now just need to start filming and tieing all the footage together with qr codes.

The Balintore mural is also nearly finished, we just have to add some extra things such as the writing and then just do little touch ups etc but it looks fantastic and will look even more amazing with completion. The next phase application is just needing some extra parts such as some of the young people's views on the first phase and have their inputs, we are aiming to have this completed very shortly and then we can send it of and keep our fingers crossed.

I will keep you all updated with any other news, when I hear it or if there is anymore material made :)

Young Talent

During our animation classes at the seaboard hall in Balintore young people have started coming up with their own ideas and filming their own material. It fantastic that they are able to have the freedom to do so and are confident to come up with their own ideas and present them. Above is just one of example of some of the material being made,this film is by Gordie and all of the film was made by him,including camera work and directing. It is very well done and looks very professional. So we'll done gordie.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Next Steps

Dundee was last week where we presented our project but now that is over and phase one is complete,we now need to focus on trying to apply for phase 2. This is phase we are are wanting and working hard for. A group of us will meet up in the next few weeks to put in an application for phase two funding. We all have our fingers crossed and we will all try our hardest to impress the important people. We will keep you updated nearer the time :)

Mural Project

Well a couple of weeks ago we had the task of painting a mural in Balintore. We had a massive wall which was perfect and we knew what was going on it :) so we projected the images onto the wall and then spray painted the outlines of each figure for the young ones to then "colour" in the images using block colours. The wall looks amazing although we still have a wee bit to finish, I'm sure the community will enjoy seeing the wall because it's a lasting image of the youth of today. Above is a time lapse video of the painting using a go pro :D

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dundee bound

Well yesterday a group of five of us travelled from Inverness to dundee to do a presentation in front of the other applicants for this project! The day went fantastic and we feel like we all did brilliantly! We spent the day working on what we were going to say ans practicing but we also had a look around dundee because some of us had never been there.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Animation - words are weapons

 Adam (15) has been working with Blender and has created this brilliant digital animation. The animation gives a great indication of what is possible using this software. It also has a really strong message about bullying - by using digital media we can get this message out and connect with more young people.